JAX-RS with Karaf

Yesterday I was able to run a simple jax-rs service on Karaf by implementing a bundle project and adding all needed dependencies manually into the Karaf deploy folder. Actually I thought it will be hard but it was simple. Anyway I was still not absolutely happy with that what I got at the end, especially with my step placing bundles into the deploy folder of Karaf. So I started to create a Karaf feature, who likes may just look into my Github karaf-playground the feature is still not complete but I will manage that soon.

Ok, that was my attemp to use jersy… Later an OSGi advocate pointed me to another tutorial which is based on CXF and I can definitely recommend that, it is absolutely complete and easy to setup.

Here you can find the Github link Karaf-REST-Example


Some basics to start with docker machine.

docker-machine ls #list all remote daemons
docker-machine active #show active daemon
#change to different VM
docker-machine env default
#connect your shell to the new machine
eval $("docker-machine.exe" env default)

#run the first container
docker run ubuntu echo hello world
docker run -d -p 8000:80 httpd:2.4
curl $(docker-machine ip default):8000
docker ps #get container id
docker stop #stop container
docker stop $(docker ps -a) #stop all container
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-cpu-count 2 --virtualbox-memory 6144 --virtualbox-disk-size 15000 devdays #create a docker daemon in virtualbox

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